Adnan Mohsin - An Entrepreneur, Author, Architect & Corporate Trainer

With more than 5.10 years in hand experience, Adnan Mohsin is a polymath in the domains of Microsoft .NET technologies and an array of other technologies including JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, Ionic and NoSQL Databases to name but a few.He is an MS(Computer Science) blessed with exceptional programming and research expertise.

Adnan is the author of some of most popular e-books which encompass technical Interview on Node.js Interview Questions and Answers , ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers , and Object Oriented Programming in C Sharp. Furthermore is his splendid endeavor to provide learning dot net resource.

Adnan Mohsin is renowned for sharing his working experience, research and knowledge through his reputed and widely subscribed to blog - Specifically, his blog provides a vast storehouse of knowledge and support resources in the field of .NET technologies worldwide and is listed as a non-Microsoft resource in The Microsoft Official Community Site. His blogs and training approach provide an easily accessible and highly innovative learning experience for people everywhere, and from a range of backgrounds and skill levels thereby offering the ultimate in training around the world.

Adnan’s strong combination of technical skills and solution development for complex application architecture with proven leadership and motivational skills have elevated him to a world renowned status, placing him at the top of the list of most sought after trainers.

“I always keep pace with new trends and technologies to learn new skills to deliver the best to my students” says Adnan Mohsin, he goes on to acknowledge that the betterment of his followers and enabling his students to realize their goals are his prime objective and a great source of motivation and satisfaction.